Field of Green 2 Slots

Anytime a game has a number in the title, you know that the original was good enough to make for a sequel. This is not usual in the online gambling world. Only the best of the best games get sequels, unless they were based on movies, in which case the movie sequel necessitated it. This is one that football fans will enjoy, in the American sense. They captured everything in a very low-key way. If you want a game that is true to the sport, this is mostly it!

American Football

The main thing that this competitive football game has going for it are the free spins feature. Should you match the right things, you’ll be given a chance to spin as many times as you want. They also have a field goal feature that serves as the bonus mode of the game. In this bonus round, you have a limited number of chances to kick the ball through the field goal. There is a moving indicator as to where you are aiming. Should you kick correctly, and have it go in, you will get different bonuses, such a scatters, wilds, and free spins. This is more active than most bonus modes and games that we frequently see. It is one of our favorite features in the game, and the main reason we play it. Real time gaming is the maker of this game, it being one of their older titles. In that, there aren’t any progressive jackpots or anything, only high betting amounts. The coin sizes go up to five dollars per single coin, across 20 lines, with a maximum bet of $100. You can match suits of playing cards, helmets, beautiful cheerleaders, football players, former hands, beer, whistles, footballs, and trophies. Our favorite symbol is the cheerleaders. They captured the look well!

Real Winnings

If you are unsure whether you would enjoy a game about American football, play it for fun. You don’t have to put down any real money, although money does make it better. Whether you are winning the bonus rounds, enjoying the simple game design, or the theme itself, playing for fun will let you know if you’re going to like the rest of the game. From there, continue playing, whether on your computer, android, or iOS device. It’s one of the only games about American football we can recommend!