Voodoo Magic Slots

This is a gram, dark, and grizzly game that manages to look great, and plays decently. If you are a fan of the nightmare before Christmas, it has similar sensibilities. For people that love Sweeney Todd, it will also be great. For everyone else, you are left with a solid game that has tight mechanics and high production values. It is one of the better games in the genre, although it’s hard to compare this to other things because of how weird it all is. Still, if you’re looking for something different, and want to win money online, this is the best way!

Game Design

This game is brought to you by real time gaming. The coin sizes are the standard one penny to one dollar for a coin. You can bet across 13 lines. The theme has to do with magic, as well as whore. The maximum betting amount is very low. The bonus rounds are the black magic free spins feature, which as you would expect, wins you free spins. The things you could match our voodoo dolls, goblets, priestesses, skulls, snakes, necklaces, scary masks, sharp knives, and burning candles. The return to players here is the industry standard you a come to expect from real time game. It is around 97%. If you play long enough, and treat this as an investment, it will pay you back by ensuring that you match something. We can’t guarantee what you will match, only that you will match it. Alongside of that, you also know that other players are winning because you can see the slot game winners before you play.

Play How You Want

In addition to that, you also can play for fun, or play for real money. Playing for real money means you bet down cash for coins, and if you win, based on how much you put down, that will be your return. If you are playing on a mobile device, this still works. It feels strange to be playing on android or iOS in the palm of your hand and betting money, but they allow it because it’s a website! You can also play for fun. If you want a game that has a certain Halloween look to it, and love all things Halloween, this was tailor made for you. For everyone else, it still looks and plays wonderfully, and you will have a good time if you give it a chance.