IC Wins Slots

The IC Wins Slots is one of the most sought after video slots at this current moment in time, so go ahead and learn about everything that it has got on offer. From gorgeous graphics to upper hand features, there’s a lot here worth checking out, especially if you have a flair for animals and adventure themes. This slot focuses on the Northern hemisphere, so expect to see a lot of snow and evergreen trees. There’s a keen theme of adventure in here, so give it a go now and see for yourself. People aren’t saying no to this slot, and neither will you.

Visuals, animations and soundtracks in the IC Wins Slots

The IC Wins Slots is notoriously famous for its design, and this targets all of the graphics, animations and soundtracks. It’s easy to see how much time was spent on the design of this slot, so if that’s important to you, then play with it next and see what the outcome is. Let’s dig into the information that you need to know about the IC Wins Slots. The first thing up for discussion is the RTP range, which stands for the return to player rate. This is easily one of the most important figures in the game. In fact, it’s not just important in the IC Wins Slots, it’s important throughout the whole industry. It comes in at 94%, which is pretty good. This figure results in how much money you will get back into your pocket.

As well as that, there’s also the bet levels of $0.50 all of the way up to $5. The volatility of the game comes in at low to medium, and there’s also a maximum win of 4,536x the bet. Enjoy the use of the 6 reels and 4 rows, and you’re guaranteed to have the best time ever.

Fantastic features worth knowing about

There are plenty of amazing features here in the IC Wins Slots, and the main ones include the multipliers, win guarantees, free spins, wilds and finally, the scatters. If you wish to try out this amazing slot, feel free to use the demo version and see what you can get from it.


There are many reasons as to why the IC Wins Slots is considered to be so good, so chance it out now and see what happens. Play with the big boys and score huge and impressive figures.