Golden Garden Spa and Pool Area

Before a busy night at the casino escape to the Golden Garden Spa which promises to be an unforgettable experience. Here you will discover a state of the art fitness center, a full service salon, and a complete wellness center. Here you can rejuvenate your hands, feet, and skin in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a neck and shoulder massage, facial, or an apricot body scrub. Consider a foot massage, a facial, or a therapeutic mineral bath. The Wellness Center and the Fitness Center present a selection of revitalizing lessons, personal training and state of the art exercise equipment. Choose from Pilates, Pilates in the pool, Zen yoga, or a jump rope cardio-class. Kickboxing and Tai Chi are also offered on a private basis.

Golden Garden Pool Area

The Golden Garden Spa & Casino has a stunning pool area. Situated on the sprawling 2nd floor of the hotel, the Golden Garden Spa & Casino offers not one, not two, but three pools, a Jacuzzi, a poolside espresso bar, and cocktails. All of our pools are positioned al fresco. The pool area offers all of your needs including lounge chairs and towels.