Double Ya Luck Slots

There is a time and a place for a simple, classic game. This game fits the mold very well. If you want to go back to Vegas when the times were simpler, and like bright colorful graphics, this game is great. If you are put off by simplicity, and want something more modern, however, this game is not for you. It takes what Vegas Slots used to do with the digital versions of them, and gives you a chance to play it online. This is a game you either love, or hate. We love it, and would be happy to see it in the palm of our hands while waiting for the grocery line!


Being a simple, classic slot, this game only has three reels. The coin sizes go up to one dollar each. This makes for a very low betting amount. The bonuses are also simple. You can win free spins, or double your luck. The things you can match our diamonds, Luck symbols, the different symbols for parts of the logo, dice, bars, chips, and cherries. We are not sure how the original diamonds, bars, and cherries became things to match in Vegas, but they are featured here for classic slot aficionados to enjoy. On top of all of that, you can rest easy knowing that this game was made by real time gaming. That means that you’re guaranteed fairness, you know that nothings going to glitch, and everything‘s going to look great. On our mobile devices, it ran well. On android, it looked great. On iOS, iPhones, iPads, and related things, it also looked lovely. The only thing it would look great on is an Apple Watch, and they don’t have games on there, so there’s no chance anyone could experience that travesty.


If you want to play for real money, you can win a lot. If you want to play for fun, however, you won’t be one of the slot game winners, but you will be able to enjoy the bonus rounds, and the nice, simple game design. Free spins in the play for fun mode don’t mean much since it’s all free, but you still feel good when you win anything, even if it’s another free spin of which you have infinite. For a simple game that takes you back to a simpler time, there is no better slot than this one!