Frog Fortunes Slots

We promise that this is one of the prettiest games you have ever played, it has some of the most innovative features you have ever seen, with graphics that animate and jump right out at you, production values as high as a kite, and the out there theme of frogs making it unique. There is a little about this game that won’t stick in your memory, as well as fill up your wallet. If you like gold, reptiles, and swamps, or at least some of them, you will love this game!

Real Time Gaming Hits Gold

This nature themed game is by real time gaming. It has their usual set of bonus features, takes place across five reels that are staggered, and has a grand total of 243 lines to bet on. The max my bet is accordingly as high up there, being $150 for one spin. This is alongside the many bonus rounds, such as the frog bombs feature, and the cascading wins feature. Additionally, you can match many glittering things, some of them jewels, and some of them gold! You can match red gems, blue frog bombs, pink gems, green frog bombs, pink frog bombs, snakes, birds, green gems, turtles, red frog bombs, pangolins, and blue gems. We’re all familiar with pangolin since the coronavirus hit, I’ve been one of the original theories to have come out of the source of the pandemic. No matter what you match, if you get enough of them, you will win big!

Big Bets

The coin sizes vary greatly. They go all the way up to $75, and higher at $150, for a single coin. That makes this one of the highest stakes slots you can possibly play on the entire Internet. There is a reason that it is one of the most popular games on the site, currently ranking at number six. If that is too much for you, you can also play for fun. Play for real money is everyone’s favorite, but playing for fun will let you get a feel for how the game works, and let you simply enjoy the great graphics. If you want a game that has staying power, isn’t going to break the bank, and will give you something to think about with how high the production values are, this is a stand out entry from a real time gaming. We love it, and think you will too!